The activities involved in the security business are as varied as the industry itself. As a VüCH employee, you can take charge of all kinds of tasks and can, of course, develop to suit your skills, knowledge and preferences.

Traffic services

  • Car park management
  • Traffic services on roads and public spaces
  • Box office services
  • Management of stationary traffic

Guard duty

  • Grounds patrol
  • Building site security
  • Shop guarding
  • Access controls

Security services

  • Patrolling in municipalities and cities
  • Comprehensive security services for local public transport
  • Event security

Security staff

  • Security at sporting events
  • Security assignments with elevated violence or risk potential
  • Guarding of at-risk properties

Rapid response service

  • Rapid response to alarms (burglary or threat exposure reports)
  • Standby and reinforcement services
  • Secure courier services
  • Escort assignments

On-call and alarm receiving centre

  • Receipt and processing by telephone
  • Processing of threat exposure reports, technical malfunctions and system reports
  • Coordination between VüCH staff and emergency services
  • Provision of rapid response services