Leitbild VüCH

Mission Statement

Our mission

We all share a need for a safe and liveable environment. The desire for security is particularly acute in an age of sweeping political, social and economic change. This increasing need for security is a challenge for all decision-makers in government agencies, companies and at public events that is not easy to satisfy at all times.

Recognising risks Brutalisation of society

Growing irresponsibility and a heightened willingness to commit violent acts are clearly evident in many areas of life. The anonymity of bustling crowds is exploited to vent aggression.

Prevent, respond 
Why book a security service?

These trends leave many people in a state of fear. Meticulous security analyses are therefore indispensable parts of project planning itself. We can take many of these analyses and studies off your hands and develop concepts in cooperation with the competent authorities. By doing so, we ease the burden on all the persons and agencies involved in a project.

Correct and conscientious action Safety through prevention

We aim to identify potential risks and threats and to prevent their occurrence even before a project or event gets going. Many things lose their aura of fear if they are identified and accepted early on.

Our look

A self-evidence of etiquette. We work with our hearts, minds and hands and remain consistently friendly, appropriate and professional.

Improvement, our constant companion

Philip Rosenthal once said that “People who stop improving have stopped being good!” We ensure continuous improvement by rigorously ensuring the currency of our staff qualification, through investment in modern equipment and infrastructure and by maintaining strict controlling systems.