Revierdienste, Objektschutz VüCH

Guard duty, property protection

“Safety through prevention. Thanks to VüCH AG.”

Guard duty / property protection includes:

  • Site surveillance
  • Doormen
  • Guard duty / patrols
  • Holiday security
  • Security during absence (e.g. during weddings and funerals, etc.)

Our security agents are highly skilled in recognising risks and irregularities early on and ensuring an appropriate response.

They do not focus on spectacular missions and instead prefer consistent, systematic procedures and the correct conduct in any given situation.

The guard duty provided by VüCH offers you dependable protection that:

  • guarantees maximum security for your properties;
  • is tailored to your specific security needs;
  • is affordable.

Patrols are conducted in a marked vehicle, by bicycle or on foot. The guards are in constant contact with our ops centre. Our security agents patrol on their own or in pairs, accompanied by a dog if needs be. The guards take action as soon as they recognise irregularities. If necessary, they call for technical assistance, for instance from our 24h intervention services or public bodies like the police, fire department, water rescue crews or ambulance services.

Building site security and access control

VüCH has been a reliable and professional partner for all kinds of security services for more than 25 years. In addition to personnel services, VüCH offers its clients innovative solutions involving state-of-the-art technical equipment.

We use innovative software to structure building site access control in such a way that developers can rest assured that companies operating on their building site will not violate any applicable labour laws, tradesmen cannot work without a valid contract of employment or that undeclared workers are kept away.

Aside from these advantages, it is also possible to control construction logistics and to monitor and coordinate the companies’ on-site times. VüCH can deliver and install the complete solution, including hardware and software, building site fencing, access containers with an individual personnel sluice and access system. We would be delighted to advise you.