Rentals and other services

Material rentals and sales

From professionals, for professionals – we adhere to this principle in renting and selling a broad variety of mission equipment that we also use in the field. Building sites, events, rallies, transports and many other temporary missions call for additional equipment and tools. We can show you the best possible options thanks to our considerable experience.

Stored centrally on Kunklerstrasse in St. Gallen, we can bring the gear directly to your doorstep or provide it straight from our warehouse. Our standard solutions include: 

  • LED signs for trailers
  • Traffic signs
  • Information panels
  • Radio equipment
  • Cordons (mobile fencing and lattices)
  • Access and sluice systems
  • Lighting systems for work sites, building sites and car parks
  • Mobile video surveillance systems

Cordons and mobile fencing

Mobile fence elements are the best way to organise temporary fencing around building sites or to cordon off grounds. Made of stainless steel, the stable elements can be connected and propped up on the ground.


Length: approx. 3.5 m
Height: approx. 2.0 m

The flexible crowd barriers are the easiest and best way to direct large groups of people, especially at the entrances and exits to major events, at sports venues or simply to secure special routes. They are hooked together to produce a stable barrier.


Length: approx. 2.5 m
Height: approx. 1.1 m

Mobile LED display panels

Mobile LED display panels are ideal, especially for diversions, temporary road closures or during events. Firstly you can use them to inform visitors of route changes, and secondly they are a good way of offering them additional information.

We have several ways of using LED display panels. One method is to mount the LED display panel on a transport vehicle, which is ideal for rolling building sites or for temporary deployment. The second option is to attach the LED display panel to a trailer. The trailer is then equipped with three LED display panels that can be used to show various texts and symbols.


LED sign:   1 sign, 4-colour (white, red, blue, black)
Carrier vehicle: Jeep Ranger


LED sign: 3 sign, 3-colour (white, red, black)
Carrier vehicle: Trailer

Personal sluice and admission systems

Guiding visitors is an important and decisive task, especially at the entrances and exits to major functions or events. The mobile and flexible access systems can be used to design entrances to suit the precise requirements.