Security services

Recognising dangers

Growing irresponsibility and a heightened willingness to commit violent acts are clearly evident in many areas of life. The anonymity of bustling crowds is exploited to vent aggression. Our security agents are particularly skilled in the recognition of potential dangers and the management of crisis situations.

See and be seen

It is difficult to tackle the causes of violence at source; but their repercussions can be rigorously held in check. Our security staff will put vandals and troublemakers in their place and will take rigorous action when necessary.

The mere presence of uniformed security staff reduces the probability of escalating violence. Here, the use of physical force is by no means the method of choice, and is instead a last resort when all other alternatives prove ineffective.

Experience has shown that skilful communication is the best means of deescalating precarious situations. But if escalation proves unavoidable, our security services are on hand to provide both reliable and rigorous protection.

Peaceful security services

  • Make their presence felt to ensure prevention (see and be seen)
  • Guarantee smooth operations
  • Ensure operational readiness
  • Conduct access controls, enforce admission regulations and check access permits
  • Intervene in case of minor disturbances (e.g. extinguish torches, confiscate projectiles etc.)

Non-peaceful security services

  • Protect guests at an event (groups, offenders)
  • Prevent property damage
  • Cordon off (block) private properties, company grounds or embassies

The presence of uniformed security forces can often prevent the escalation of violence.

De-escalation as a solution: The task force is trained to defuse sensitive situations.