Special transportation support

Special transports with police permits

Vehicles / vehicle combinations that exceed the limits of statutory maximum dimensions and weights as defined in Art. 64–67 of the Road Transport Regulations (VRV) may only be transported on public highways by written approval and most usually when escorted. The cantons in eastern Switzerland in particular have outsourced these escorted transports to private-sector special transport providers with police approval (ATB). This ensures more efficient escorts for transporters, as an ATB is able to provide accompaniment along the entire route (one-stop ATB).

VüCH has qualified staff and the necessary vehicles and is hence in a position to provide all services that you require as a transporter.

  • Planning and reconnaissance
  • Escorts for the entire route
  • Traffic control on public highways
  • Follow-up and downstream tracking of the route

Our transport escorts are also chauffeurs. This ensures they are familiar with the transport needs and can ideally combine the official requirements with the needs of the escort services.

You can contact our Head of Special Transports directly at: atb[at]vuech.ch