VIP bodyguards and chauffeur service

“People in the light of public eye must be protected from the shadows.”

We all share a need for a safe and liveable environment. The public desire for security is particularly acute in an age of sweeping political, social and economic change. Government agencies are often hard pressed to satisfy this need.

You are expecting a VIP guest, organising a congress, and the stage is set for a major triumph. Are you sure? Where there’s light, there will always be plenty of shadow. Meticulous access control is indispensable whenever it is imperative to prevent unpleasant incidents or disturbances that may affect your security. If you want to protect your own safety or the security of your guests, you will need to organise absolutely discrete and reliable bodyguards. What better way to protect yourself than with the professionals from VüCH AG?

  • Planning and organisation of meetings and receptions, etc.
  • Security for your functions
  • Bodyguards
  • Escorts
  • Preparation of security and risk assessments
  • Mobile protection to meet any standards!

Travelling along secure routes is an elementary part of security planning, and our special protective vehicles are ideal for this purpose.

We are determined to provide protected transport from A to B – with all the customary comforts included. Our fleet consists of

  • Mercedes S 600 L Guard
  • Mercedes GLE 500 Guard
  • BMW X5 Security
  • BMW 760 Security

Alle our vehicles are factory fitted with protective armouring to ensure that they lose none of their discrete, elegant look.